Psychosynthesis is a depth psychology, a comprehensive approach to helping the individual deal with dilemmas, conflicts and patterns of behaviours which inhibit or prevent living life in meaningful and fulfilling ways.

Dr. Roberto Assagioli was an Italian psychologist, psychiatrist and philosopher. What set him apart from his contemporaries was his belief in the existence of Self, and the particular methods devised to help a person discover their true essence.

When the existence and marvellous power of the deeper self is recognised, the “Know Thyself” of the Delphic Oracle acquires a new and profounder meaning. It no longer means only “analyse your thoughts and feelings and actions”; it means study your most intimate self, discover the real being hidden in the depths of your soul, and learn its marvellous potency”. Roberto Assagioli

Self (our unique essence) is the source of wisdom and guidance, which we are largely unconscious of as we go about our busy lives. Our tendency to rationalise and value the intellect means we often neglect or dismiss our intuitive deeper self, nipping in the bud any creative forces that may push for recognition and expression. This may lead to all sorts of feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Depression and/or anxiety become the symptoms, which often bring the individual into therapy.

There may also be past and present experiences that need to be addressed, such as relationship difficulties, but it is a given that what is at work is a deeper self.

Psychosynthesis attempts to understand suffering from a multi - dimensional perspective. This form of therapy is for people who are dealing with many different types of crisis or transitions in their lives.

This may include:

  • Difficulties with intimate relationships
  • Lack of meaning in life
  • Loss of identity and direction
  • Childhood traumas and abuse
  • Eating disorders and Addictions
  • Self - esteem and lack of confidence
  • Bereavment
  • Couples Counselling