StepIn Asap

StepIn ASAP (Advancing Stepfamily Awareness in Practice) is an organisation of psychotherapists and related practitioners.

We first met in 2005 and since then have been sharing our personal and professional experiences in order to be able to support those people who are affected by stepfamily situations. We have come to understand that there are fundamental challenges for people living in families where not all members are biologically related.

Since our inception we have been developing therapy/counselling services and educational events for people who find themselves in stepfamily situations and for those in the field of human relationships who work with them; i.e. therapists, counsellors, teachers and social workers.

Who we are:

Founding members

Dr. Claire Asherson Bartram - Chair

Richard Bartram - Treasurer

Sue Fox - Publicity Coordinator

Debbie Friedman - Secretary

Angelika Wienrich - Membership coordinator